360 Data Insight

360 Data Insight is a company that focuses on the guidance of information management, document technologies and the resource management of those services and systems across the enterprise.

360DI provides consulting, project management and services in the areas of data and document management as well as electronic discovery. This is where our firm assists clients in optimizing workflow, managing resources and reducing cost. From connectivity services to management of our clients data in any form, we apply best practices to normalize and utilize such information. 360DI is able to deliver a broad range of services wrapped under one company through our partners, master service agreements and internal resources. This allows for direct supervision from our experienced personnel to ensure processes are correctly employed and cost is managed.

360 Data Insight is committed to helping our clients in receiving optimal solutions for data and document management. Our company provides guidance and resources to manage information as it’s being created today. 360 DI is the “Master Contractor” for data and document management needs. When data and documents are managed and stored properly, digital forms of data (like e-mail, e-docs, SharePoint or in the cloud) can be utilized by legal (eDiscovery), human resources, accounting, auditing, internal investigations, reporting, archiving, knowledge management and much more. 360DI will get your data where it needs to be working will all forms from paper and digital to microfiche/film and tapes. With so many risks that can severely affect clients today,  it is crucial that you have the right partner that will be there with you and your company every step of the way providing direction, execution and insight for whatever your needs or requirements are or may become.